CSWIP 3.0 Visual Welding Inspector leg length

CSWIP 3.0 TWI Visual Welding Inspector for plate

Certification for welding inspector During the fabrication process of equipment, we often encounter the welding process. Welding inspector officers have the duty to maintain welding quality. This QA / QC process starts from weld preparation, weld process and after welding. The welding inspector has several kinds of certifications. For Europe, we are familiar with welding inspectors CSWIP 3.0 and CSWIP 3.1. In November 2019, I took part in the training and examination of the CSWIP 3.0 Welding Inspector certification in addition to my previous competence, which was a certified welding engineer. The CSWIP 3.0 Visual Welding Inspector course is designed for welders, operators, line inspectors, and foremen who carry out the visual examination of welded joints. It is also suitable for welding quality control staff and anyone who needs basic training in welding inspection alongside a qualification. Construction engineers also need to understand welding inspection. CSWIP 3.0 Training duration The training lasts for 3 days. 2 days are used to study the types of welding defects, limits and acceptance criteria, and practice questions. then 1 day is used for the test. The exam only lasts for 2 hours. The participants worked on 20 questions about welding on plates (butt weld) and[…]

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how to get experience letter

Ways to get valuable experience as an engineer

why we need an experience If you are pursuing a degree in an engineering one thing that you should be looking into as you start your junior or senior years of university are viable internships to help you gain experience. Not only will internships add you in gaining practical experience within your field, but many times schools will grant you extra collegiate credit for internships making them very useful to your learning experience overall. In addition they help you to get an idea of what working within the field will be like and may help you get your door into a company that is willing to hire you in fully upon completion of your degree. There are two main types of engineering internships that you can pursue, paid and non-paid. Usually which you are able to get will depend on your previous training and how far you have gotten in your degree. Keep in mind however that while non-paid engineering internships may not be what you want, they still pay off in many more ways including credits towards tuition and workplace experience which is often unmatchable when it comes time to get a job after graduation therefore they should not[…]

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what is the best resume for engineer

Engineer Resume – How to get the job you want

what is an engineer resume? If you are a student taking a course in an engineering, you are of course expected to land on a relevant job someday. Meanwhile, if you have recently graduated on the said degree, the next step would be looking for the job that suits your skills and qualifications. However, before getting the job that you want, you need to exert effort first in the application process. Of course, you need to have your Engineer resume. A resume is a document that contains your educational, personal and career background that certainly allows an employer to assess if you are suited for a certain job. A resume should highlight your qualifications and should be void of irrelevant details. For instance, your achievements during your high school days may not be relevant anymore. Employers are generally interested on your recent achievements. Do not feel disappointed if you do not have your work experience yet. It is still possible to get a job since some employers are willing to accept entry level applicants. Bear in mind that any  engineer goes through that stage. Even if it is your first attempt, however, you should not still come up with a[…]

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career for mechanical engineer

what is the real mechanical engineer demand and its career?

mechanical engineer career These days, mechanical engineering courses are offered in many universities across the world. The best among are often listed in ‘A’ category magazines. Such courses need highest quality teaching and research. Qualified mechanical engineers are among the most sought-after for highly paid jobs. Mechanical engineering is especially concerned with design, development, operation and maintenance. A career in mechanical engineering would suit people, who believe to ‘make believe’. They indeed are regarded as distinguished among jobs, in fields like construction, manufacturing and assembling. Mechanical courses are rich in content, assessment and teaching. However, it is not easy as a choice. One should be good at mechanics and comfortable with ideas of resolving forces and have a good understanding of basic principles in trigonometry. One should also be good with applied mathematics. Mechanical engineer course There are various ways in which one can design the syllabus for mechanical engineering. The basic engineering degree course includes certain core subjects such as Computer Aided Designing (CAD), 3D laser scanner, control, electrical machines, fluid mechanics, materials science, failure analysis, thermodynamics and heat transfer, vibration theory, manufacturing systems, instrumentation. These can be also clubbed with one of the professional courses, such as IT,[…]

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