Personality assessment for new engineer

I have been involved several times in the selection process for selecting employee candidates. In determining the criteria for employee candidates in the recruitment process at a company, personality factors have an important role in addition to the competencies and skills possessed by each candidate. This is because character or personality is an important element in communicating and carrying out activities assigned by a leader to employees in each work unit or management in the company.

Carrying out personality assessments within a department or across the company has become the most common practice. But unfortunately, this rarely happens because of the difficulty in unlocking the full potential of each employee’s character or personality. As a solution, company owners must try to find the personality of the employees most needed by the company, so that they can place each employee in each work unit ideally according to their personality.

There are 7 personality types of employees in a company, including the following:

  1. Optimistic
    • Optimistic employees are those who enjoy working in a company and also believe in the company culture. Usually, when they work, they will work with solutions. These employees are people who have organized and worked enthusiastically to support other team members in a company.
  2. Hard worker
    • Those who are always eager to arrive early at work, and come home late are employees who have hardworking personalities. Employees with this personality believe that all the sacrifices they make will be paid well by the company.
  3. Barriers
    • If you find an employee who can always find reasons to say no, then he or she is an employee with an inhibitory personality type. At first glance, they look detailed and meticulous, even though this is the typical employee who will be able to disperse all ideas, ideas, and excitement so that it will not motivate your team.
  4. Caregivers
    • Caregivers are typical employees with personalities who are always looking for solutions. When he is close to a complaining character, he tends to be willing to be friends to confide in and listen to their complaints.
  5. Selfish
    • There are also employees who have personalities who like to blame others, like to pride themselves and their work, and are petty because they don’t want to admit the strengths of other people around them. Employees with these characteristics are those with selfish personalities. They don’t want to get along with co-workers, and they don’t want to get too involved with office work. In other words, they prefer to carry out their personal agenda.
  6. Complainers
    • Complainers are present in almost every company. Those who have this character tend to be very concerned about the deficiencies that exist in the company.
  7. Realistic
    • The final employee personality type is realistic. Employees who have this type of personality usually tend to respond and say things as they are. Usually, realistic employees are less creative because they realize that creativity comes from an imagination that they think is completely unrealistic.

So, from the 7 personality types, which one suits your personality?

Some clues to deal with specific personality

Employees with Optimistic personality as Managerial Team. Because employees of this type have a character that is easy to manage, organized, and can work enthusiastically to support other team members, it is better if employees with this personality are placed in managerial positions according to their skills and competencies.

If you have a team member with a hindering personality, you should advise him to make improvements in his honesty and courage in taking risks. This is necessary so that something better in the company can happen without having to be rejected on the grounds that no first.

A hard worker, sometimes also needs to go home early and spend more time with family. If they have worked and served your company for a long time, you can also give the employee vacation leave. The goal is for them to be more creative, optimistic, and increase the confidence they have for the good of your team.

A caregiver type personality will be more helpful in his career if he makes friends with other employees with a typical optimistic personality. This is because, if they are friends with an optimistic personality, they will be solution seekers, so they can work well on your team. You can also place employees with this personality on the managerial team of the company.

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