Career development program for engineers

This year I got a promotion. Promotion in a company is something that is commonplace. This is a form of career development carried out by the company for its employees. This career development is certainly something that every employee wants because generally the higher a position, the more prosperous their life will be. Imagine if the company does not carry out a career development process, the employees will definitely move and it will hurt the company itself because they have to do frequent recruitment.

What Is Career Development?

Career development is a personal improvement that a person makes to achieve a career plan as well as an increase by the HR department to achieve a work plan in accordance with the path or level of the organization. In line with this definition, career development is an effort made by an organization in planning the career of its employees which is referred to as career management, including planning, implementing, and supervising careers.

A career development should be done with specific planning and strategies. This is to ensure implementation is in accordance with the expectations and targets desired by both the company and employees. For this reason, career development efforts which are a form of human resource management are carried out through a program known as the Career Development Program (CDP).

Career Development Program

Career development programs are efforts made by companies to provide opportunities for employees to improve work performance. This career development program does not have to be in the form of big, complicated activities, but rather in simple ways.

The design of the career development program is divided into three phases, namely:

  1. Digestive Phase
    This phase includes aligning the employee’s career design with the company’s career. The aim is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of workers in carrying out tasks.
  2. Briefing phase
    This phase is intended to help workers to be able to make their career planning a reality. This can be done by directing through counseling or by approaching using information services.
  3. Development Phase
    This phase is a way for employees to manifest their creativity and initiatives to occupy positions in the future. This can be done in several ways, such as mentoring, training, job rotation, and scholarship programs.

So what kind of career development program is implemented? There are several methods / methods commonly used in career development programs, namely:

  1. Education and Training
    This method is a way for companies to improve and develop the attitudes, behaviors, skills, and knowledge of their employees according to company needs. These forms of education and training are such as career planning, learning, job rotation, training and guidance, business games, simulations, internships, and so on.
  2. Promotion
    Promotion is a form of career development program that employees expect because they can get a position in a higher position. Generally, promotions will also be followed by higher duties and responsibilities, but all will be proportional to the income and facilities you get. Promotion of course must pay attention to requirements such as experience, level of education, honesty, loyalty, and so on.
  3. Mutations
    Mutation is a change in position / position or place of work carried out by company leaders to their employees, both horizontally and vertically. The principle of this transfer program is to move employees to more appropriate positions with suitable jobs so that work productivity can increase.

Importance of Career Development Programs for Engineers

Career development is very useful for companies so that the wheels of the company can run well because there are job rotations that occur in them. In addition, with a career development program, companies can reduce the number of employee resigns. Quoted from Forbes, research from The LinkedIn Global Job Checker Trends shows that the main reason employees change jobs is due to a lack of opportunities to develop careers. The main reason they are attracted to new companies is a strong career path.

But of course this career development program is very useful and important for employees. Some of the benefits that employees get from this career development program are as follows:

  1. Better Understand Passion
    Understanding their passions is certainly important for an employee to develop themselves according to their abilities and talents. By understanding passion, an employee can also work more productively, creatively, and innovatively by working with enthusiasm.
  2. Welfare Guarantee
    Providing a career development program is a form of welfare assurance that is very important for employees. Guaranteed welfare of life will make employees more loyal to work. Training, education, that scholarships received by employees become capital for them to achieve higher.
  3. Adding Work Relationships
    Career development means that employees will relate to new people according to their positions both within the company and outside the company. This relationship opportunity is very important for self-development which can be an asset to face social challenges in the future.
  4. Increase Confidence
    Getting a career development is certainly self-ammunition for an employee to increase his confidence in his career. This self-confidence will be very important for employees to be able to compete with global developments.

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