7 things that must be done to become successful employees

Want to be a successful employee?

Of course, everyone wants to get success in his life. Success in the workplace, success in family affairs, entrepreneurial success or success in taking bachelor, master or doctoral degrees. This success can make us feel happy, feel valued, more confident in life and gain satisfaction that cannot be measured by money. This time we will discuss 7 things that must be done in order to become successful employees.

improve education

Education makes us smarter. High school students have higher intelligence than middle school students. MS students have a deeper insight into the knowledge of undergraduate students. Admittedly or not, this degree of education is one of the benchmarks in the world of work. Workers who have a master’s degree get more awards from workers with undergraduate education. Even in some countries in Europe, a master’s degree in engineering is a common standard for employees/workers in the engineering field. The higher the education, the higher the chance of success. Most (> 50%) engineers in the office where I “work” have a master’s degree in engineering or in managerial fields such as Masters in Management or MBA.

dream high

Dreams or dreams of blood in our body. As long as there is blood, we can still move. So are dreams. He who moves our footsteps moves our hands to achieve something we want. If we have dreams, we will live in high passion. Live in a thunderous spirit. Employees/workers who have dreams to become Managers or Directors, then he will be more diligent in working, stronger business.


Diligent means trying constantly. It never stopped too long. When there are problems or obstacles, he still tries to overcome the problem until he finds a solution. Look at the droplets of water from the roof of a house that hit the floor or stone on the ground Because water droplets occur continuously, the floor or stone will lose and be hollow. That is a real example of perseverance. This perseverance is the key to success in our careers. The more diligent someone is, the greater the chance of success

get support from the family

The family is the person closest to us. Our wife, husband or children. As well as our parents, siblings, and relatives. When we feel comfortable/happy in the family, then when we go to work, we are also excited. The difference is when a husband is in a relationship with his wife at home, so he leaves for work by carrying the burden of thought from home so that he cannot be maximized in the office. Behind the husband’s success at work, there is a strong woman who stands next him. Sometimes husbands are having a lot of problems in the office, so the family is the place to calm the mind.

expand friendship

The proverb says, “a thousand friends will not be enough, one enemy is already excessive”. Even my leader said “I have a lot of problems, and I can’t solve all my problems myself. But, I have many friends who help me to solve the problem. “Life will be easier when you have lots of friends. When we have a problem in the office, friends will help. When we have a problem at home, the neighbors will help.

open mind

Insight or horizon is our window. From the window, we can see the outside world. We can see career opportunities, business opportunities or other entrepreneurial opportunities. Someone who just sits and is busy in his room, then his insight will shrink. Be diligent to get along, read a lot, walk out of the house, chat and discuss with other people so that the insight will be wider. The more often we connect with new communities, then we will have new insights so that we can see new opportunities.

give your best

Have you done things maximally? ever give the best for your career or for your family? GIVE YOUR BEST. Do the best.

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