what is petrochemical industry?

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Petrochemical plant

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Most people – even engineering graduates – many who are not familiar with the petrochemical industry. So that engineering students are rarely interested in working in this petrochemical industry. At most, engineering graduates want to work in the oil and gas industry that offers high salaries and benefit. Petrochemical is a combination of 2 words, namely petroleum and chemical. In general, petrochemicals are defined as industries that process oil and gas into semi-finished materials or finished materials like ammonia, Methanol, Ammonium Nitrate or fertilizer. The petrochemical industry is still related to the oil and gas industry. Its salary and benefit are not much different from the salary of oil and gas employees. Some people called Petrochemical industry like oil and gas Downstream

Work in the petrochemical industry is very challenging. In this industry, we work with fluids from very low temperatures (for example in the fertilizer factory, there is liquid ammonia with temperatures of -33 degrees Celsius) to high temperatures (e.g in Reformers, there are gases with temperatures more than 1000 degrees Celsius). Many graduates of chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, physical engineering, instrumentation engineering or other engineering have developed into experts after working for many years in this industry. Generally, they are very satisfied with working in this industry because of two things: technical consideration and salary/benefit consideration.

Engineers who are experts in the petrochemical industry often become “target” head-hunters. For example there is a new petrochemical factory, being built. Sometimes they open vacancies for important positions such as the Operations Manager or Engineering Manager who need professional staff and are experts in their fields, so the quickest way is to rely on consultants or head-hunters. I have been called by a head-hunter several times offering a job at a petrochemical factory being built.


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