How to get Salary increase

Do you want to get the high salary increase?

the salary of each employee in a company is different depending on the level or pay salary grade it. in one level of PSG (Pay salary grade), there is usually a salary range from the lower limit to the upper limit. if we are at the lower limit, then we must work well so that our performance can be maximized. this performance will raise our salary to the upper limit in a PSG. Well, if we’ve reached the upper limit, then we should try to ride a higher PSG or we call it a promotion.

get the highest salary
get the highest salary!

To get promotion, then we need some way to develop career. we all want a higher career level to achieve all dreams. We must go through these processes in a career. here are some tips for developing a career

1. work passionately

If we do not have a high morale, we may not get promotion for promotion. we have to work as if we own the company. Try to always turn on your morale. we must be serious in doing the job, but sometimes we need refreshing to reignite the morale. When we are lazy at work, then we will not get promotion for promotion. Even so, we make mistakes and lowered to lower positions. we certainly do not want that bad thing to happen. Because of that, let’s start now to be passionate about working.

2. search for broader information

How to develop a second career is to add a variety of information. Information can we get by reading a lot of books, online media or from other colleagues. The more knowledge we can get easier to develop a career. Smart and insightful people have an opportunity to occupy high positions. we must be diligent to study, take part in training and certification.

3. Expand Network of Friends

Expand the network by multiplying friends. Help everyone regardless of status or position. Maybe that will be a way to develop our career. someday one of the friends may be our partner in improving career performance. Start with discussions online and offline. Expand connections wherever we are. The more connections we get, it is very profitable. It would be better if we establish a proper relationship with the bosses in your office work.

4. Look for a Mentor

a mentor is a friend or boss that we can make role model.kita can learn role model about how he get raise or promotion. we also need mentors to encourage and show our talents. This mentor is a very important part of career development and employee success. Based on a survey of leaders in several companies. they say that mentoring is an important development tool and says that mentors play a key role in the success of their personal careers. Some alternatives to mentors are a more experienced manager, employee, or department head. we need to take the time to create a formal mentoring program as a way of helping us develop talents.

5. Get higher education

all employees want to get education and training at work. we must avoid such conditions trapped in jobs that do not make the potential for rapid development. we want to always learn and grow so that we can improve our careers. we must create training targets or study sessions. we can take a free online course, join technical event forum or seminar. the company where I work, provides various forums from the Facility Engineering Forum, Lean Sigma Forum or other technical forums. let’s take the time to invest in success and career growth.

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