best practice to develop career in oil and gas company

Oil and Gas company

The oil and gas company has always been an idol for job seekers due to large revenues and large industrial scope. But the oil and gas industry sometimes faded due to unfavorable fluctuations in world oil prices. how to build a career in the oil and gas industry?

We do not need to worry about with the oil and gas sector at this time. because all the business there is a cycle. We believe energy will not be separated from the growth of the country, and the largest source is still in oil and gas. for example, there are companies in this industry for 125 years, continues to grow through the acquisition and organic.

What is the choice of profession in this industry? oil and gas sector consists of various businesses. The chain is long, from exploration, exploitation, extraction, and others. the companies involved are also very much. There are block managers, there are technology and solutions companies, such as GE, and there are also service and worker providers. Each company needs people with different qualifications, so the chances are very wide open.

oil and gas company
oil and gas company

Then, what exactly does the oil and gas company need? the technical qualifications required for each position are different, but the most important is a strong desire to learn. for example, many workers entering this industry are not from the petroleum background. GPA or academic grades are also important. GPA is not everything, but it’s proof that someone is responsible for his education. sometimes the recruiter is also looking for fresh graduate. they say “because there is no experience yet, we also see the role that has been done before, what are the challenges that have been encountered and how to overcome them.” One of the prescriptions during the interview was “How did his clothes come when interviewing, punctuality, preparation and communication skills.

Career in oil and Gas Company

In oil and gas company there are many employment opportunities, especially in the form of leadership programs, for example in commercial, engineering, communications, digital technology, human resources, and operations, and internship programs for three to six months. Then, what to do after getting a job? Is the prospect of a career in the oil and gas company still promising? a leader said “We must have the instinct to compete for the better. The company does facilitate, but it is not possible to promote unqualified. Challenge ourselves to compete, get along to learn from others, so we can navigate our own careers, “he said.

“Be prepared to change. Take it as a learning. Think of it like this, when you go to college, you pay to study. At work, you learn while you get paid.  An oil and gas company is a great place to learn to open insights and learn to think. “

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