understanding basic concept of asset management software

basic of asset management software

Almost all of asset management software uses a database system called RDBMS – relational database management system. People who have access to this software has a specific user profile. the highest user profile is Power User profile which can use all feature and make full data changed. To get deep understanding asset management software, the Power User must learn about RDBMS like Oracle, My SQL or SQL Server.

asset management software
asset management software

basically, all data are saved in some excellent tables inside the server. there is data communication between these tables. here some example: let say we have asset management software for asset integrity purposes. We have 3 tables on a server: equipment table, inspection table, and employee table.

A user can use “client software” to find “how many inspection jobs conducted by Messi in January 2010?”

integrity database management system trending
integrity database management system trending
inspection record date inspector method equipment result
1001 1-Jan-10 3001 UTM 2016 good
1002 2-Jan-10 3002 UTM 2017 good
1003 3-Jan-10 3003 ILI 2013 need repair
1004 4-Jan-10 3004 ILI 2014 need repair
1005 5-Jan-10 3005 LRUT 2015 good
1006 6-Jan-10 3001 LRUT 2011 good
1007 7-Jan-10 3002 Vibration 2001 good
1008 8-Jan-10 3003 Vibration 2002 good
1009 9-Jan-10 3004 Vibration 2003 good
1010 10-Jan-10 3005 UTM 2018 good
1011 1-Feb-10 3001 UTM 2019 good
1012 2-Feb-10 3002 Vibration 2008 good
1013 3-Feb-10 3003 Vibration 2009 good
1014 4-Feb-10 3004 Vibration 2010 good
1015 5-Feb-10 3005 Vibration 2007 good
1016 4-Mar-10 3001 UTM 2020 good
1017 5-Mar-10 3002 UTM 2021 good
1018 6-Mar-10 3003 UTM 2022 need repair
1019 7-Mar-10 3004 UTM 2023 good
1020 8-Mar-10 3005 LRUT 2024 good
Asset Number Equipment Number Equipment type equipment name
2001 P-001 Pump water pump A
2002 P-002 Pump water pump B
2003 P-003 Pump water pump C
2004 P-004 Pump crude oil pump A
2005 P-005 Pump crude oil pump B
2006 P-006 Pump crude oil pump C
2007 P-007 Pump crude oil pump D
2008 C-001 compressor gas compressor A
2009 C-002 compressor gas compressor B
2010 C-003 compressor gas compressor C
2011 PI-001 pipe water pipe
2012 PI-002 pipe oil pipe
2013 PI-003 pipe gas pipe
2014 PI-004 pipe chemical pipe
2015 PI-005 pipe shipping pipe
2016 V-001 vessel separator
2017 V-002 vessel KO drum
2018 V-003 vessel gas scrubber
2019 V-004 vessel gas boot
2020 V-005 vessel stripper
2021 T-001 Tank water tank
2022 T-002 Tank oil tank
2023 T-003 Tank surge tank
2024 T-004 Tank chemical tank
employee number name
3001 Sane
3002 Barry
3003 Salah
3004 Messi
3005 Ronaldo

how the asset management software work?

  1. go to the employee table, find employee name “Messi” and its employee number –> 3004.
  2. go to the inspection table, find inspector = 3004. calculate the quantity of inspection record in January 2010. result = 1

this is a simple example of how asset management software work by using correlation of 2 tables.

in actual application, the asset management software consists many tables which related each other. if you interested to learn more about asset management software, then you can start with some subject below

Microsoft excel function sum, count, vlook up, pivot table
if function,
script or syntax get, add date, julian date, gregorian date, joint table
data type float, integer, double, date
VBA – Visual basic application or Macro Excel
database connection

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