asset management software used in oil and gas company

Asset management software

in office, i work with many asset management software such EAM-enterprise asset management, CMMS-computerize maintenance management system, IDMS-Inspection data management system and web-based GIS or PODS-Pipeline. Many of asset management software use Oracle database system. For the sake of Data Privacy Policy, I cannot tell the brand of the asset management software.


asset management software
asset management software


Focus area of asset data management software:


each software has its focus area and strong point, such as

  • EAM is focus on asset information like equipment number, location, equipment name, equipment description, equipment class, plant, asset owner, cost center, equipment criticality ranking, equipment priority ranking etc
  • CMMS is focus on work order management system,  inspection task, predictive task, preventive task, material cost, labor cost, planning and scheduling, craft information, crew, job priority etc.
  • IDMS is focus on inspection record, inspection result, equipment repair record, inspection drawing, picture, manufacture data. IDMS mostly used only for static equipment like tank, pressure vessel, pipeline, heat exchanger, vent stack etc.
  • PODS-GIS is focus on pipeline data visualization. its very powerful to visualize pipeline route, pipeline location class, pipeline repair record, pipeline condition, pipeline spatial data, Risk based inspection result, last inspection date, sleeve location, thickness , anomaly location etc.




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