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employee competition

competition !

I cannot believe it. Sterling missed an absolute sitter! Diaz replaced Sterling. it is a common practice, the management replace a failed employee with new one. Life is a never ending competition, some time we win but other time we loose.

As an employee, we need to prepare some activities to maintain our job security. these activities will keep our position to win the work competition.

  1. Take a higher education. In my office, about 50% of engineers take a higher education in engineering background ( M.Eng or MSc) and some take MBA. This higher education will increase our knowledge so we can contribute more to company.
  2. take the profesional certification. Most engineers take API certification such as API 510 ( pressure vessel inspector), API 570 ( piping inspector), API 653 ( Tank inspector ) and API 580 ( Risk Based Inspection )

My friend who hold 4 API certification and completed MBA education, has a bright career in engineering job function.



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