Influencer, your agent to get salary increase

do you want to get Salary increase?

There are some tips and trick to get a salary increase. The common way is to get another job with higher salary. In previous articles, Tom helped his relative to get a job in 1-hour journey.  In this case, Tom is an influencer. An influencer is a person that has the ability to argue, persuade and recommend other people to make a decision.

I can say that I am a smart person, but maybe not many people believe this. On the contrary, if a general manager in other department said that I am a smart person, then many people believe this information. What if the general manager is delivering this valuable information to my boss? could be, by the end of the year, I will get a significant salary increase. This General Manager acted as an influencer for my boss.

An influencer can make a positive impact and negative impact. This depends on how our performance in completing tasks in the office and delivered value to the company. The more we delivered value to the company and the more we are known by the influencers, the probability of getting the higher salary increase.

Starting today, try to identify anyone who can act as an influencer to your boss and to a decision maker who can make you to get a salary increase significantly. And then try to get in touch with the influencers.

salary increase
salary increase


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