4 colours personality test

what is personality test?

A few months ago, the company suggested that all employees perform a four-color personality test. This policy has become a natural thing for most companies to create a harmonious and productive environment among workers. This test is useful for workers to understand each employee’s personality, so know what colors are dominant and then more readily adapt to any other personality type.

One time you will realize that we are created is different. Everyone has their own nuances and personalities that sometimes make us easy to get along with some people but difficult to deal with some others. Some personalities collide and some can get the ease. What are the benefits of this four-color test? For the company, the leaders can understand the personality of the worker and put the workers in the optimal position. Then What are the benefits for us? As a worker, this understanding makes it easier for us to learn how to handle our bosses and colleagues better. This knowledge can be useful in understanding your spouse in personal relationships. An understanding of the four colors of personality can give a person a better perspective and the best way to react in times of stressful situations.

4 colours personality test
four color personality test (https://equilibria.com/e-colors)

Psychologists explain that there are four basic personality types. The four basic colors are, yellow, red, blue and green. This color has nothing to do with one’s favorite color. I myself are more dominant in yellow and blue. What does this color mean?

personality test

first color personality test : Red

Red –> Doer
The part of your personality that helps you take action and get things done.

In general, they are the type of leader, think very fast, dare to take risks, have energy and strong-willed, yet less patient, competitive and rational. I once had a leader with this red color. Sometimes I’m overwhelmed to follow his work targets that are too high and too fast. If you have a leader in red, provide facts and clear data, but do not provide detailed data. Talk to them about the results or progress of the work so they hear it to make quick decisions. Use their time efficiently, they are fast thinkers and tend to move fast in their minds.

second color personality test :yellow

Yellow –> Socializer
The part of your personality that helps you interact and engage with others.

In general they like to socialize or have many friends, expressive, very imaginative and enthusiastic. they like things that are informal, optimistic, passionate and very quick thinkers. Yellow is very focused in relationships between individuals. If you have a yellow co-worker, then you should socialize before mentioning work goals or work orders. Be enthusiastic and energetic when conveying your ideas. Offer your ideas with humor interspersed to feel friendly and try to understand/acknowledge their input.

third color personality test : blue

Blue –> Relater
The part of your personality that helps you empathize with and support other

Blues are people who are analytical in nature, inclined to deep thinkers, very detail focused and formal in their thinking. They sometimes appear aloof and pay attention to details. They are very organized with good time management skills. They take their time in their thinking and are much slower than red or yellow. Blues are always perfectionists because of a logical, systematic, precise approach to problems or solutions. They like to have all the data, then conclude a logical answer.

If you have a co-worker or leader in blue, then be prepared with detailed data and facts because they like to get all the facts in their minds. Be factual, specific and logical with your approach. Sometimes they straighten their thinking by actually questioning certain things. Give them time to respond because they are slow thinkers.

fourth color personality test : Green

Green –> Thinker
The part of your personality that helps you plan and analyze information.

They are cool people, relaxed and patient enough. They are sociable and very informal in their approach. They are social and often focus on the relationship so as to appear as emotional. They sometimes think slowly and very democratically. They are very understanding and fun. They act as facilitators for conflict. If you have a co-worker or boss who is green, then be friendly and show genuine interest. Start chatting before entering the business agenda.


Our personality determines our communication style, our behavioral tendencies and the way we react instinctively, especially under pressure. By understanding the personalities of others, we can better understand their communication styles and behavioral tendencies, and learn how to better interact more effectively.

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