How to be the best Mechanical Engineer

The [ way to get the ] the best people is always you train them , said Jack Ma.

When you graduated from Mechanical Engineering University, do you thought you have all required skill to be the best Mechanical engineer? of course not. College give us some knowledge and set of skill to be Mechanical Engineer. At least, they prepared us to get a good job in industry. What is the next step after we are hired by a company?

First, we need to know the required set of skill in our new role. Second, we figure out the visions of success to measure our progress. Third, we conduct gap assessment and the last is prepare training plan. Below is example of metric used for Asset Integrity Engineer or Facility Engineer – Asset Integrity.

Mechanical Engineer
Mechanical Engineer

Some company may have enough budget to train new employee. But some company do not provide budget to train their employee. Please bear in your mind that skills and certifications are attached to our self not to the company. So don’t be stingy to get certified by API, ASME, ASNT or other organization.

Another important thing is job assignment. During specific job assignment, we learn a lot of experience. We may find best practice and also lesson learned for some task. The longer we work, the more knowledge we have.

best mechanical engineer is learning everyday

We need to pursue a higher education level in Master of Science or Master of Mechanical engineering. This post graduate study will help us to think more detail and more fundamental. In post graduated, we will learn about why and how something happened. One step higher than under graduate student that think about what is happening.

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