welding procedure specification smaw

what is Welding Procedure Specification (WPS)?

Welding procedure specification (WPS) Some of the EPC activities that are critical in the oil and gas industry are welding. Welding is carried out when the EPC enters the third phase, ie Construction, for example when manufacturing pressure vessels, storage tanks, process piping, and pipelines. Welding is also often done at the time after the EPC project is finished or Plant has started up, for example when there is an improvement or when Turn around. Welding that is done when the plant is operational has a much greater hazard than when the EPC project. When the plant is operational, there are two things that must be considered, namely Process safety and personal safety. while at EPC, focus more on personal safety. to ensure welding can be carried out safely and technically accepted, it is necessary to make welding procedures that meet the requirements. This procedure is often referred to as[…]

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