welding joints

Types of engineering welding symbols and welding joints symbols in pipe and plate

The engineering welding symbols and standard There are 2 major welding standards recognized in the welding industry. The first one is European Standard (EN 2553 – Welded – Brazed and Soldered Joints – Symbolic Representation on Drawings) and the second is American Standard (AWS A2.4 – Standard Symbols For Welding, Brazing and Nondestructive Examination). Different jobs require different types of welding joints, as in different applications it will need to stand up to different needs and forces. There are basically five types of welding joints to bring the two metal parts together.   Basic Welding Joints Symbol in American standard (AWS-A2.4-2012), there is a distinction between the terms of weld symbol and welding symbol. The weld symbol indicates the type of weld and, when used, is a part of the welding symbol. In the present system, the joint is the basis of reference. The arrow side is the side of the joint to which the arrow of the symbol points. The other side is the side of the joint opposite the arrow side. Weld symbols shall be as shown in Figure 1. The symbols shall be drawn in contact with the reference line. The reference numeral for a weld –[…]

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