Code, Standard and handbook in oil and gas industry

Code, Standard, and handbook are terms that are very often heard in the environment of Engineers and professionals working in the oil and gas industry. In general, the standard is a technical definition as well as instructions directed at the designer, manufacturer, operator or user of a piece of equipment. Whereas the Code is a standard that has been recognized by a government agency and authorized by law. So that the Code is stronger and binding because it is a legal document. The Handbook is very detailed and very complete technical information about a particular theme. For example, the ASM Handbook Volume 13 concerning corrosion. In the Handbook explained the basics of the theory of corrosion that is very complete. including the basic theory of how to measure corrosion rates in a laboratory. Whereas ASTM G102 is a Standard for Rates and Related Information from Electrochemical Measurements. If we want[…]

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