Introduction to piping system in Oil and Gas Industry

Piping system In the oil and gas industry (especially in the downstream and upstream), we recognize 3 types of piping system, i.e. Process plant piping system, non-process plant Piping system and Utility piping system. The process Plant piping system is sometimes referred to as process piping. As the name suggests, this piping system is closely related to the reaction process inside the plant that processes raw materials into ready-to-sell materials. For example, in Ammonia Plant, the raw material is natural gas and the product is an ammonia liquid with a temperature of -33 deg C. Process piping is very closely related to the product of a plant, not just as a support facility. Nonprocess plant piping system is a piping system that is not directly related to the final product of the plant or piping system that serves as a supporter of a more important system. For example is a[…]

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