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what is pipeline definition?

understanding a pipeline A pipeline is a structure designed to transport liquid, gaseous, and solid (bulk) products. Pipelines consist of straight sections of pipes tightly interconnected, parts, shut-off and control valves, instrumentation, automation, supports and suspensions, fasteners, gaskets and seals, as well as materials used for thermal and anti-corrosion insulation. Pipeline parts are the connecting parts that are used in the construction of pipelines for various purposes, necessary for bending, bending, bending, changing the diameter of the pipes and in the case when the pipeline is temporarily not used. Parts are connected when installing the pipeline, as a rule, butt[…]

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PODS – Pipeline Open Data Standard

PODS pipeline open data standard Good morning for engineers or other professions related to pipeline and data management. After the pipeline operates, the pipeline data becomes very important because it deals with process safety and personal safety around the pipeline. To create a good pipeline data management, we need the cooperation of several professions, that is Pipeline engineer Geodetic engineer IT engineer Inspection Engineer Database engineer Software for PODS Pipeline Open Data Standard What data is needed for the pipeline? very much… design information, operational condition,  inspection results , history of pipeline repair, drawing, pipeline material, pipeline size etc. Due[…]

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