what are oil and gas facilities function?

what are oil and gas facilities function? there are many oil and gas facilities classification available. Some people classifying mechanical facilities into 2 large groups. Number one is Fixed equipment and the second is rotating equipment. According to this classification, mechanical engineer work in oil and gas company, sometime divided into 2 large group i.e mechanical engineer – fixed equipment and mechanical engineer – rotating equipment. Mechanical engineer- fixed equipment job is maintain the fixed equipment integrity, make sure the fixed equipment can be operated safely. these group also called as asset integrity engineer or mechanical integrity engineer. in opposite, mechanical engineer-rotating equipment job is maintain rotating equipment reliability.  This group is also known as Reliability engineer.   oil and gas facilities function- fixed equipment fixed equipment example are heat exchanger, pressure vessel, Boiler, tank, vent stack, stripper, column vessel, flare stack, vent stack, piping and pipelines. There are many[…]

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