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I am yellow-blue, a four-color personality test

what is personality test? A few months ago, the company suggested that all employees perform a four-color personality test. This policy has become a natural thing for most companies to create a harmonious and productive environment among workers. This test is useful for workers to understand each employee’s personality, so know what colors are dominant… Read More »

PODS – Pipeline Open Data Standard

PODS pipeline open data standard Good morning for engineers or other professions related to pipeline and data management. After the pipeline operates, the pipeline data becomes very important because it deals with process safety and personal safety around the pipeline. To create a good pipeline data management, we need the cooperation of several professions, that… Read More »

Mechanical Engineering Quotes

quotes of mechanical engineering, the four engineering branches According to wikipedia, engineering is considered to consist of the four major branches of chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering. Some people think that the Mechanical engineering community is the broadest and oldest community around these 4 branches. This community mostly deals with engineering mathematics,… Read More »