thickess measurement location tml

IDMS integrity database management system best practice – Thickness measurement location TML

Recording Thickness Measurement Location – TML we will continue the previous article about IDMS integrity database management system. Previously we talk about design code and inspection method involved. now will focus on trending of inspection result represented by a term called Thickness measurement location or TML. Thickness Measurement Location records contain various fields that store information to identify a TML. When we create a new Thickness Measurement Location record, we will need to supply information in some of fields. The following information provides various fields that are defined for the Thickness Measurement Location such as TML ID design pressure design temperature corrosion allowance Allowable Stress Design Code Code Year (Allowable Stress Lookup) Material Specification T-min formula Critical thickness structural thickness number of reading nominal thickness inspection date previuos inspection date inspection interval expire date corrosion rate IDMS integrity database management system – understanding Thickness measurement Location – TML trending In practice, the fixed interval of pressure vessel inspection is 5 years. UT inspector takes the measurement shell & head thickness at some locations. we call it as TML, thickness measurement location. an IDMS data entry populates TML readings into IDMS software. IDMS software calculates short corrosion rate, long corrosion rate,[…]

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