understanding a pipeline pig detector

pipeline pig detector when doing a progressive cleaning pig or intelligent pig in a pipeline, workers install a transmitter on the back of the pig. This transmitter functions to transmit signals with distances of up to about 6 meters, but technically it can be up to 23 meters. Here are some types of transmitters that are often used: ITX 251, ITX 503, ITX 504, ITX 804 and ITX 806. ITX transmitters are available for all pipe sizes from 3 “to 56”. For smaller sizes up to 12 “, complete transmitter tools are available. For larger sizes, a bolt-on flange is used for easy mounting of the ITX to any cleaning or inspection tool. Transmitters can operate for quite a long time, which is up to 1000 hours. High signal range (distance up to 23m / 75ft) stainless steel housing so that it can be used on almost all types of[…]

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