how to develop dissimilar metal or galvanic corrosion prevention

what is dissimilar metal or galvanic corrosion prevention? Corrosion is a process of damage to a material due to environmental influences. This is a natural process in metals. Corrosion in metals and equipment in the oil and gas industry results in financial losses, pollutes the environment and can endanger human safety. Engineers and scientists do a lot of research on corrosion to prevent and control the corrosion rates. On this occasion, we will discuss Galvanic Corrosion or known as dissimilar metal corrosion. This corrosion occurs when 2 different metal or alloy metals in the same environment and interconnected. This corrosion occurs because of the potential difference between the metals so that one metal functions as the anode and the other metal functions as the cathode. The principle of galvanic corrosion is the same as the electro-chemical principle of electrodes (cathodes and anodes), electrolytes and electric current. Metal that functions as[…]

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