Master of Mechanical Engineering : advance engineering mathematics

  One way to be the best Mechanical Engineer is to train ourself through pursuing Master of Mechanical Engineering. The study will be 3 semesters for learning advance knowledge – including advance engineering mathematics- and 1 semester for conducting research. In Mechanical Engineering, more than 50% study is related to mathematic and physics.  We must understand the distinction between pure mathematics and engineering mathematics. In engineering mathematics, we learn applied mathematics to solve technical problem during equipment design or during field troubleshooting. In advance engineering mathematic, we learn Fourier Series. By using Fourier approach, we can re-write a periodic curve with sin & cos equation. Refer to above drawing, blue curve is original which can be approached by black curve.   In this stage, engineering mathematic can provide nearest solution but not exact solution. It is not 100% correct, but can be 99% correct. In most cases, we are satisfy[…]

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