introduction to welding, soldering and brazing

  Welding is a process of joining a metal into one due to heat with or without pressure effect or it can also be defined as a metallurgical bond generated by the attraction force between atoms. Soldering and brazing is a process of grafting metal which is used other metal connector in a liquid state which then frozen. Soldering is the process of connecting two pieces of metal with different metals which are poured in a liquid state with a temperature not exceeding 430 o C between the two pieces. The most widely used alloy / filler metal alloys are lead and lead alloys having a liquid point between 180 – 370 °C. The composition of 50% Pb and 50% Sn is mostly used for solder tin where this alloy has a liquid point at 220 °C.   Brazing of the filler metal has a liquid point above 430 °C[…]

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