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What is CMMS Software or preventive maintenance software?

CMMS Software or preventive maintenance software? Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS Software), is software that maintains a database of information about maintenance activities in a particular company. This maintenance activity information is intended to support maintenance folks to do their jobs more effectively and to support management in decision making. Some information that available in… Read More »

Understanding your strength

Material strength Strength is the highest value of stress that a material can hold. If a material gets a stress above this limit, the material will break. How do we know the strength of the material? By doing laboratory testing, we can understand this value. And what is stress? technically, stress is the quantity of… Read More »

what is petrochemical industry?

mechanical engineer job at Petrochemical industry Most people – even engineering graduates – many who are not familiar with the petrochemical industry. So that engineering students are rarely interested in working in this petrochemical industry. At most, engineering graduates want to work in the oil and gas industry that offers high salaries and benefit. Petrochemical… Read More »

4 secrets to get promotion and high salary increase

how to get a salary increase? It’s all about money. All employee want to get a high salary. How high you can get? Is a 10% salary increase enough for you? I’ll tell some “secrets” for you to get a high salary increase. It is not prohibited for an employee to get a salary increase,… Read More »