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welcome to the Risk Based Inspection (RBI) category. In this category, we can get any information related to Risk Based Inspection job. My first training on this area was in 2008 and I certified as Risk Based Engineer level 1 at that year. Since 2008, I have many jobs related to Risk Based Inspection assessment.

RBI is the excellent strategy for managing the huge quantity of pipeline and fixed equipment. RBI is used widely in Oil and Gas industry in upstream and down stream operation.

the output or deliverable of Risk Based Inspection assessment:

  • asset list
  • asset risk ranking. this can be used as criticality ranking
  • asset probability of failure
  • asset consequence of failure
  • damage mechanisme
  • inspection task appropriate to damage mechanisme
  • inspection interval
  • inspection schedule

In Maintenance Management point of view, RBI is an excellent and proven tools to reduce inspection cost without jeopardize asset integrity and process safety. RBI is acknowledged by many organization like API to manage inspection job. We can get more information on RBI in API 580 dan API 581. Many contractor provide services to conduct a RBI assessment on behalf of client. they may provide a RBI software or just using a spreadsheet excel or simple VBA ( Macro excel ).

Excel for Mechanical Engineer, cost saving by Risk Based Inspection

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Excel Engineer or Mechanical Engineer

Most graduates of mechanical engineer must master some mechanical software such as AUTO CAD, PV ELITE or CAESAR etc. but few can understand Microsoft Excel well. Some do not understand the existing features in Microsoft excel so he cannot provide added value to his career in the workplace. When the Mechanical Engineer is confronted with… Read More »