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Code, Standard and handbook in oil and gas industry

Code, Standard, and handbook are terms that are very often heard in the environment of Engineers and professionals working in the oil and gas industry. In general, the standard is a technical definition as well as instructions directed at the designer, manufacturer, operator or user of a piece of equipment. Whereas the Code is a… Read More »

role of mechanical engineer in project management

what is the role of mechanical engineer in project management? there are many role of mechanical engineer in project management. A mechanical engineer has higher opportunity to get various role compare to other engineering disciplines.  Project usually start with FEED and end with commissioning or “Put In Service” and then project close out. In FEED… Read More »

how to develop Project Management – Stage 1

Develop Project Management Some mechanical engineer pursue his career in project management. Usually, he start it as Project Engineer and after having enough experienxe and exposure, he finish as Project Manager. There are 5 general stage in project management. First stage is define project opportunity. At this stage, we explore about why we run this… Read More »