ultrasonic pipeline inspection by pigging

pig cleaning system

what is pig cleaning system? each oil and gas company is required to carry out pipeline inspection activities. Inspection methods that are often used vary according to company requirements. starting from UT conventional, LRUT, MTM, visual inspection to the most sophisticated method, namely ILI or often called pigging. based on my 15 years of experience in the inspection field, this pigging method is the most perfect inspection method with a relatively cheap price compared to the LRUT method. This pigging inspection process is carried out by inserting pig in the pipe without interrupting the pipe operation or stopping the flow[…]

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application of geographical information system GIS

Development of geographical information system GIS At present, the development of the geographical information system GIS is dominated by the private company. They recruit skilled experts from the campus and search opportunities (markets) for their products both in private institutions and government. The number of GIS developer companies is increased from a relatively small software house level to large companies like ESRI. ESRI  (environmental systems research institute) founded by Jack Dangermond & Laura Dangennond in 1969. According to ESRI industry analysts, it became the leading provider in the GIS system and the most dominant company. In 1981 ESRI released ARC[…]

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what is oil and gas data management software in oil and gas industry?

what is oil and gas data management software? In oil and gas industry, there are a lot of data involved. Mostly every company has many oil and gas data management software used in daily operation. Oil & gas data management software is a category of advanced software utilized by oil & gas companies to manage and protect their data. The software used in many focus area such as production, facility engineering, subsurface engineering, maintenance activity, inventory, finance etc. Data management software helps companies optimize resources, track the progress of the projects, and increase their efficiency. Data management software allows businesses[…]

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