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guided wave ultrasonic testing for pipeline inspection in oil and gas industry

Why choose guided wave ultrasonic testing pipeline inspection? LRUT (Long range ultrasonic testing) or sometimes called as GWT (guided wave testing) is becoming commonplace today for ultrasonic pipeline inspection. This technology is used as excellent NDT for the screening tool. Guided wave ultrasonic pipeline inspection offer many advantages such as High productivity (km per day),… Read More »

Code, Standard and handbook in oil and gas industry

Code, Standard, and handbook are terms that are very often heard in the environment of Engineers and professionals working in the oil and gas industry. In general, the standard is a technical definition as well as instructions directed at the designer, manufacturer, operator or user of a piece of equipment. Whereas the Code is a… Read More »

IDMS integrity database management system best practice 2 (asset management software)

integrity database management system best practice we will continue the previous article about IDMS integrity database management system. Previously we talk about design code and inspection method involved. now will focus on trending of inspection result.   IDMS integrity database management system – understanding trending In practice, the fixed interval of pressure vessel inspection is… Read More »

API Inspector job in Oil and Gas Industry

what is API inspector Job? API stands for American Petroleum Institute. the API manage certification programs called ICP. Since 1989, API’s Individual Certification Programs (ICP) have provided the petroleum and petrochemical industries with an independent and unbiased way to evaluate the knowledge and experience of technical and inspection personnel. These certification programs are based on… Read More »