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Some insight on Mechanical Engineer work—A guide for new engineers

mechanical engineer job opportunity For mechanical engineering students, it is normal to aim for great job opportunities after graduation. However, getting an ideal job for this position is not as simple as finishing your degree after a certain number of years. Before a graduate becomes a formal practitioner of this field, he needs to take the mechanical engineer test first before practicing the profession. This profession is no joke as it is a discipline that involves lots of other fields. This profession also has a huge role in the development and progress of the society as a whole, hence the presence of the said requirement. Their roles are crucial, so to speak. Mechanical engineers may be expected to make robots, microscopic machinery and other helpful devices. These are important most especially in the medical field that can also extend to some other fields. A mechanical engineer is also expected to be a well-versed person. The mechanical engineer test may be comprised of questions on trigonometry, algebra, geometry, calculus, chemistry, physics and biology. The field seems complex, so it must really be for tough minds! Opportunity for fresh graduated mechanical engineer Normally, more opportunities await those graduates who did well in[…]

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Mechanical Engineering Quotes

quotes of mechanical engineering, the four engineering branches According to wikipedia, engineering is considered to consist of the four major branches of chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering. Some people think that the Mechanical engineering community is the broadest and oldest community around these 4 branches. This community mostly deals with engineering mathematics, physics, and materials science or material engineering to design, analyze, manufacture, and maintain mechanical systems. When you just graduated from mechanical engineering study, what was your dream? did you have a special quote from the mechanical engineer student? My first dream was I got a job whatever the salary. At that time, I did not concern to pursue high salary. Normally, a freshly graduated engineer pursue a job to increase his working experience and knowledge. After he worked for 3 – 5 years, he would have a set of skill to find a better job with a higher salary. A fresh graduate engineer must understand his strength and use it to get the optimum salary. In a Petrochemical company, mostly an employee with Process Engineering or Chemical Engineering background has better opportunity to get a better career than Mechanical Engineer. In a trading company, an[…]

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