what is CMMS software

What is Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)?

  At present, almost all companies use a software called CMMS for their maintenance teams. A Computerized Maintenance Management System is a software bundle to keep up a PC database for an association’s support tasks and HR capacities. The information is proposed to help the adequacy of support specialists, the nature of the board choices and the check of administrative consistency. CMMS programming bundles are almost equivalent to PC supported office the executive’s bundles, which are likewise called the office the executives programming. This term is otherwise called Enterprise Asset Management and Computerized Maintenance Management Information System (CMMIS). CMMS bundles arrive in a wide scope of capacities and costs. Normally the product tends to the accompanying: Work Orders and Descriptions: Varying methods are utilized to report when an investigation, programmed preventive upkeep, meter readings or fix work is to be finished. The related recorded information may incorporate saving materials, doling out staff, booking work, following gear personal times, future proposal activities and issue causal components. Overseeing Inventory: Data is recorded about current stock and stock dimensions in different classifications, holding stock for specific occupations and buying and the following stock. Overseeing Assets: Typically recorded information is expected to help the executives[…]

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what is CMMS preventive maintenance software?

What is CMMS Preventive maintenance software?

I have worked in the maintenance team for more than 10 years at 2 different companies. Both of them use CMMS to help manage maintenance activities. The CMMS I have used is Avantis and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (JDE E1). My job function is as a maintenance engineer and planner who is often involved in maintenance strategy evaluation, RCM assessment, and Planning & Scheduling. CMMS is very useful to give users immediate insight into the state of his maintenance needs with comprehensive work order schedules, accurate inventory forecasts, and instant access to hundreds of invaluable reports. CMMS solutions make maintenance management easier by empowering users with information that they can make the most informed decisions possible. What is CMMS stand for? CMMS stands for Computerized maintenance management system. CMMS is software that maintains a database of information about maintenance activities in a particular company. This maintenance activity information is intended to support maintenance folks to do their jobs more effectively and to support management in decision making. Some information is available in CMMS such as data of equipment that require maintenance in a specific period and in a specific area. By using CMMS, a Planner can make preventive maintenance plan, predictive[…]

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asset management software

understanding basic concept of asset management software

basic of asset management software Almost all of asset management software uses a database system called RDBMS – relational database management system. People who have access to this software has a specific user profile. the highest user profile is Power User profile which can use all feature and make full data changed. To get deep understanding asset management software, the Power User must learn about RDBMS like Oracle, My SQL or SQL Server. basically, all data are saved in some excellent tables inside the server. there is data communication between these tables. here some example: let say we have asset management software for asset integrity purposes. We have 3 tables on a server: equipment table, inspection table, and employee table. A user can use “client software” to find “how many inspection jobs conducted by Messi in January 2010?” inspection record date inspector method equipment result 1001 1-Jan-10 3001 UTM 2016 good 1002 2-Jan-10 3002 UTM 2017 good 1003 3-Jan-10 3003 ILI 2013 need repair 1004 4-Jan-10 3004 ILI 2014 need repair 1005 5-Jan-10 3005 LRUT 2015 good 1006 6-Jan-10 3001 LRUT 2011 good 1007 7-Jan-10 3002 Vibration 2001 good 1008 8-Jan-10 3003 Vibration 2002 good 1009 9-Jan-10 3004 Vibration 2003[…]

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CMMS (asset management software) best practice for Scheduling in Oil and Gas Company

What is the CMMS best practice for scheduling? many people asking about CMMS best practice for scheduling in Oil and Gas Company.what are the difference between planning and scheduling? Planning is a set of Planner activities to prepare a job that will be conducted by a crew in a certain location. For example, a mechanic crew will conduct a boiler feed water pump overhaul in a Power Plant. In a planning phase, a planner will conduct some activities such as job assessment. is a boiler feed water pump overhaul need spare part? what are the spare parts? how many the spare part quantity? do we have the spare part in our warehouse? how many mechanic crew required to conduct a boiler feed water pump overhaul? do we need electrician crew to support the boiler feed water pump overhaul? do we need a heavy equipment like a crane to support the feed water pump overhaul? CMMS best practice for scheduling after preparing the job, we have all resource, spare part and supporting equipment for a boiler feed water pump overhaul. the next phase is scheduling activities. A planner have some jobs that ready to be scheduled. here some example: boiler feed[…]

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