salary of Maintenance planning and scheduling

Planning and scheduling Engineer or Planner

Job Title and Job Planning and Scheduling engineer function I have worked for more than 10 years in various local and multinational companies. Most of my friends are engineers who have a variety of job titles or job functions. Job titles or positions have different meanings with job functions or work functions. For example, on a small project scale a person who has a Project engineer position, in carrying out his work he also works on the Project manager function, takes care of goods/material purchases (procurement functions) and plans and schedules every job (planning & scheduling). On this occasion, I will explain the profession of Scheduling engineer. Scheduling engineer is in charge of developing and optimizing methods of making products and managing production in a company. He manages orders and plans according to the time of delivery. He is also a person who deals with the flow of materials and products and can lead a team of technicians or managers. A scheduling engineer must be very flexible because the tasks will be many and varied. This profession can work in a factory, on maintenance team or on a large EPC project. What is the other name for the Scheduling engineer[…]

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what is CMMS software

What is Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)?

  At present, almost all companies use a software called CMMS for their maintenance teams. A Computerized Maintenance Management System is a software bundle to keep up a PC database for an association’s support tasks and HR capacities. The information is proposed to help the adequacy of support specialists, the nature of the board choices and the check of administrative consistency. CMMS programming bundles are almost equivalent to PC supported office the executive’s bundles, which are likewise called the office the executives programming. This term is otherwise called Enterprise Asset Management and Computerized Maintenance Management Information System (CMMIS). CMMS bundles arrive in a wide scope of capacities and costs. Normally the product tends to the accompanying: Work Orders and Descriptions: Varying methods are utilized to report when an investigation, programmed preventive upkeep, meter readings or fix work is to be finished. The related recorded information may incorporate saving materials, doling out staff, booking work, following gear personal times, future proposal activities and issue causal components. Overseeing Inventory: Data is recorded about current stock and stock dimensions in different classifications, holding stock for specific occupations and buying and the following stock. Overseeing Assets: Typically recorded information is expected to help the executives[…]

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what is CMMS preventive maintenance software?

What is CMMS Preventive maintenance software?

I have worked in the maintenance team for more than 10 years at 2 different companies. Both of them use CMMS to help manage maintenance activities. The CMMS I have used is Avantis and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (JDE E1). My job function is as a maintenance engineer and planner who is often involved in maintenance strategy evaluation, RCM assessment, and Planning & Scheduling. CMMS is very useful to give users immediate insight into the state of his maintenance needs with comprehensive work order schedules, accurate inventory forecasts, and instant access to hundreds of invaluable reports. CMMS solutions make maintenance management easier by empowering users with information that they can make the most informed decisions possible. What is CMMS stand for? CMMS stands for Computerized maintenance management system. CMMS is software that maintains a database of information about maintenance activities in a particular company. This maintenance activity information is intended to support maintenance folks to do their jobs more effectively and to support management in decision making. Some information is available in CMMS such as data of equipment that require maintenance in a specific period and in a specific area. By using CMMS, a Planner can make preventive maintenance plan, predictive[…]

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GIS in oil and gas industry

GIS introduction, data management in oil and gas industry

GIS data management requirement Today we have entered a modern era that relies a lot on the information system in every aspect of life with developing the technology is significant. This rapid development also occurred in scientific field of Geodesy & Geomatics, especially Geographic Information Systems (GIS) that has been applied in various fields during many years. GIS can rapidly grow like this for the support and implementation in other scientific fields. Geology & Geography (G & G) that uses GIS applications to support Exploration &  production activities of Coal Methane (Coalbed Methane / CBM) as Non-Conventional Hydrocarbons; especially in the processes of acquisition, processing, and presentation of information. Exploration & production activities of Non-Conventional Hydrocarbons including in the oil & gas industry with its characteristics are high risk-high return. That is, industry this has a high risk, requires large costs, and using the latest technology, but promising benefits big & worth it. Therefore, data management & information that used, must have a high level of accuracy & precision. Spatial analysis of GIS much help in solving problems that arise on oil and gas exploration & production activities. GIS application in the oil and gas industry GIS has become an[…]

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