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how to develop dissimilar metal or galvanic corrosion prevention

what is dissimilar metal or galvanic corrosion prevention? Corrosion is a process of damage to a material due to environmental influences. This is a natural process in metals. Corrosion in metals and equipment in the oil and gas industry results in financial losses, pollutes the environment and can endanger human safety. Engineers and scientists do… Read More »

what is wet corrosion in oil and gas industry?

wet corrosion There are many ways to classify corrosion. However, in general, corrosion is divided into 3 major groups namely Wet corrosion, Dry corrosion, and biological corrosion. Wet corrosion, as the name implies, occurs only in the presence of an aqueous solution or an electrolyte. Dry corrosion or dry corrosion occurs when there is no… Read More »

what is Stress corrosion cracking ?

Stress Corrosion cracking (SCC) this phenomenon can be defined as material cracking due to the combined effect of static stress and corrosion. The stress involved can be residual stress and actual stress from an external load. The corrosion that occurs is generally very localized. Localized corrosion on the surface of the material usually acts as… Read More »