salary for entry level mechanical engineer

Starting salary for engineers 2019 in Europe

how much engineer salary in Europe especially Germany? One of the most important questions – not just for new entrants – is how much money can I earn? In order to answer this question, we have subjected all current studies and salary databases to a meta-analysis. Because each investigation sets other priorities and also the number of interviewed employers and engineers differs greatly. Based on this data, we have also developed a salary calculator tool, which gives you a first orientation for your first salary negotiation. You can use it to calculate and compare your future engineering salary in terms of occupation, industry, company size and state. On average, young professionals in engineering earn € 45,500 gross a year. The engineering start-up salaries vary greatly depending on the industry, occupation and your university degree. On average, annual gross salaries for engineering graduates range between € 40,600 and € 49,200. Here[…]

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10 best and 10 best and unique interview questions and answers

10 best job interview questions 2019

Job interview I have worked for more than 15 years and applied work for more than 50 times. There are several questions that are often asked by interviewers to prospective employees. There are at least 3 types of interviewers, namely HR employees, prospective employers or we are familiar with the term user and the last is management representatives. On several occasions, I have also been an interviewer to look for new team members who will join our engineering team. An interview is used to verify the information provided by the candidate. It helps to ascertain the accuracy of the provided facts and information about the candidate. This process gives the interviewer information about the candidate’s technical knowledge and to justify the best candidate. 10 best job interview questions Tell me about yourself and What motivates you? What are your strengths? Why Are You Interested in This Job? Why are you[…]

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7 things that must be done to become successful employees

Want to be a successful employee? Of course, everyone wants to get success in his life. Success in the workplace, success in family affairs, entrepreneurial success or success in taking bachelor, master or doctoral degrees. This success can make us feel happy, feel valued, more confident in life and gain satisfaction that cannot be measured by money. This time we will discuss 7 things that must be done in order to become successful employees. improve education Education makes us smarter. High school students have higher intelligence than middle school students. MS students have a deeper insight into the knowledge of undergraduate students. Admittedly or not, this degree of education is one of the benchmarks in the world of work. Workers who have a master’s degree get more awards from workers with undergraduate education. Even in some countries in Europe, a master’s degree in engineering is a common standard for employees/workers[…]

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high salary for Oil and Gas worker: No pain, no gain

besides offering a high salary, there are consequences experienced by oil and gas workers In general, most people judge the two most promising jobs with high salaries. First is to work in mining and the second is oil and gas company. Mining may be ordinary, but oil and gas company always offer a high salary. Especially if you can work in international oil company like Exxon or Chevron with a very high salary. So oil workers are fun, but on the other hand, there are many consequences that they experience. Not the usual afflictions but the very torturous and high risk. Some may not be able to endure the consequences of oil workers. Even if the mental really weak, a day would have been resigned. Then, what the consequences are like. Hard work When choosing to work in oil and gas company, then it means we must be ready to[…]

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