maslow theory

why employee need a career development? Maslow theory

Career for engineer why do companies offer career development to their employees? the position or job title for the engineer can be divided into several levels, for example, a junior engineer, engineer, lead engineer until senior engineer. There is even the uppermost position, which is called the Subject expert matter (SME) or Advisor and sometimes also called the Consultant. The lowest position, the junior engineer has the lightest task with the smallest salary. The more upward, the greater the task or authority. of course salary is also getting bigger. this career division for engineer positions is in line with Maslow’s psychological theory. Where everyone always wants to develop and has a desire for self-actualization. A Humanistic psychologist named Abraham Maslow developed a theory of personality that is able to influence many scientific fields. Maslow developed a theory that has a high degree of practicality so that it is easy to understand. This theory is also called Maslow’s theory. This theory describes reality. The contents of this theory can be easily understood because it contains features of human experience or behavior that have been experienced but never included in words. Maslow is a humanistic society where humanists do not believe that[…]

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how to ask salary increase

How to ask a salary increase?

What to say to the head to get a salary increase and not fly out of work. According to my experience, all employee want to get a salary increase or job promotion. And some of them received an increase. Therefore, the easiest way to achieve a salary increase is to ask. But you need to act with the mind. Choose a moment In order for the operation to be successful, you need to contact the supervisor about the salary increase when several factors work: The company has a resource for a salary increase: sales have not fallen, the budget has not been cut, funding “from the center” has come. Recently, you have not had obvious failures. Otherwise, it will be difficult to explain why you should pay more. the boss is not busy. In the case of a raid, he has to solve many questions at the same time, and your attempts to distract him will only make him angry. The boss has a good mood. Of course, the ideal boss is always fair and impartial, but most of us are led by people, not robots. Prepare arguments Put yourself in the place of your boss and think about which[…]

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maslow need theory

popular job and profession in 2019-2020

What professions are now in demand Of course, the choice of profession is an important stage in the life of every person, because work will not only feed you but also allow you to enjoy life. Repelling in their choice is from their own abilities and inclinations, and from market conditions. For example, at present there is an acute shortage of working specialties in the market, drivers, food sellers, cooks and owners of construction specialties can easily find a job; among highly qualified workers there is a demand for doctors, teachers, engineers, and accountants. If you are the owner of the mentioned profession, then any labor exchange will select a vacancy for you, if you only choose your vocation, then you should familiarize yourself with the list of promising professions for the next 5 years. List of popular professions: Among the general list of the most needed professions 2015-2020. call:  IT specialists (programmers, database administration or server hardware specialists, web designers ). As the surrounding reality is increasingly filled with computers and information technologies, the demand for specialists with appropriate education will only grow. Engineers. Most large industrial enterprises have long been experiencing a shortage of engineering personnel, and, despite[…]

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salary for entry level mechanical engineer

Starting salary for engineers 2019 in Europe

how much engineer salary in Europe especially Germany? One of the most important questions – not just for new entrants – is how much money can I earn? In order to answer this question, we have subjected all current studies and salary databases to a meta-analysis. Because each investigation sets other priorities and also the number of interviewed employers and engineers differs greatly. Based on this data, we have also developed a salary calculator tool, which gives you a first orientation for your first salary negotiation. You can use it to calculate and compare your future engineering salary in terms of occupation, industry, company size and state. On average, young professionals in engineering earn € 45,500 gross a year. The engineering start-up salaries vary greatly depending on the industry, occupation and your university degree. On average, annual gross salaries for engineering graduates range between € 40,600 and € 49,200. Here we show you at a glance what you can earn at the start of your engineering career in the respective sectors, occupational fields, federal states and depending on the size of the company and the degree. All figures given are gross annual salaries for full-time employment. Which sources we have[…]

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