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IDMS integrity database management system best practice 1

IDMS integrity database management system First time I saw an IDMS integrity Database Management System was in 2008 when I joined RBI engineer Training. In 2013, I joined a IDMS user training and in 2014 I attended “IDMS train the trainer”. Now I am a SME – subject expert matter, IDMS admin and a trainer… Read More »

what is asset integrity management software used in oil and gas industry?

why we use asset integrity management software? In oil and gas industry, we operate thousand equipment. For each equipment, there are thousands of inspection data. Due to the large quantity, we need a database to manage all equipment and its inspection record. We call it asset integrity management software -also known as IDMS– to manage… Read More »

asset management software used in oil and gas company

Asset management software in office, i work with many asset management software such EAM-enterprise asset management, CMMS-computerize maintenance management system, IDMS-Inspection data management system and web-based GIS or PODS-Pipeline. Many of asset management software use Oracle database system. For the sake of Data Privacy Policy, I cannot tell the brand of the asset management software.… Read More »