what is mechanical engineering

what is engineering ? the four main branches of engineering

word engineering comes from the Latin enginium You live in a world of creations. All of the things you see around you were created by people. The technology that’s been used to record a video were likewise created. Sometimes entire generations of clever designers. Those designers were engineers. And engineers are when it comes right down to its creators. The word engineering itself comes from the Latin “enginium” meaning cleverness and “ingeniare” meaning to design or device. That makes sense because you have to be clever if you’re going to solve the problems that engineers face every day. Now you might think of engineering as a kind of science, and that’s not wrong. But it’s more useful to think of science as a tool. A tool that engineers use along with mathematics to perform their unique duties. We’re going to show you just what you can accomplish through engineering. Math[…]

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salary for entry level mechanical engineer

Starting salary for engineers 2019 in Europe

how much engineer salary in Europe especially Germany? One of the most important questions – not just for new entrants – is how much money can I earn? In order to answer this question, we have subjected all current studies and salary databases to a meta-analysis. Because each investigation sets other priorities and also the number of interviewed employers and engineers differs greatly. Based on this data, we have also developed a salary calculator tool, which gives you a first orientation for your first salary negotiation. You can use it to calculate and compare your future engineering salary in terms of occupation, industry, company size and state. On average, young professionals in engineering earn € 45,500 gross a year. The engineering start-up salaries vary greatly depending on the industry, occupation and your university degree. On average, annual gross salaries for engineering graduates range between € 40,600 and € 49,200. Here[…]

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salary of Maintenance planning and scheduling

Planning and scheduling Engineer or Planner

Job Title and Job Planning and Scheduling engineer function I have worked for more than 10 years in various local and multinational companies. Most of my friends are engineers who have a variety of job titles or job functions. Job titles or positions have different meanings with job functions or work functions. For example, on a small project scale a person who has a Project engineer position, in carrying out his work he also works on the Project manager function, takes care of goods/material purchases (procurement functions) and plans and schedules every job (planning & scheduling). On this occasion, I will explain the profession of Scheduling engineer. Scheduling engineer is in charge of developing and optimizing methods of making products and managing production in a company. He manages orders and plans according to the time of delivery. He is also a person who deals with the flow of materials and[…]

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what is project management

what is a Project management?

Introduction to Project management We all make Project management to manage our private lives: moving, preparing for a wedding or preparing for a trip abroad and some of us are led to manage large-scale projects in their professional lives. Here are some examples of very different professional projects that come to mind: preparing a humanitarian mission to Vietnam over a period of one year, building a house to receive homeless people, setting up a new software accounting management within a bank, launching a new type of organic biscuit with dietary properties at a food giant, launch of a new drug against arthritis at a pharmaceutical giant. The characteristics common to each project are the constraints of delay, cost, and resources. When a country receives the Olympic Games, the date to be respected cannot be postponed so some projects cannot bear a delay. Others are more flexible in their time. How[…]

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