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Ways to get valuable experience as an engineer

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If you are pursuing a degree in an engineering one thing that you should be looking into as you start your junior or senior years of university are viable internships to help you gain experience. Not only will internships add you in gaining practical experience within your field, but many times schools will grant you extra collegiate credit for internships making them very useful to your learning experience overall. In addition they help you to get an idea of what working within the field will be like and may help you get your door into a company that is willing to hire you in fully upon completion of your degree.

There are two main types of engineering internships that you can pursue, paid and non-paid. Usually which you are able to get will depend on your previous training and how far you have gotten in your degree. Keep in mind however that while non-paid engineering internships may not be what you want, they still pay off in many more ways including credits towards tuition and workplace experience which is often unmatchable when it comes time to get a job after graduation therefore they should not be discounted as worthless to you.

how to get an experiences

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Many times if you attend a university that is known for their engineering program, you will be able to use your professors and advisors in order to secure an excellent internship since they may have contacts outside of the university. You may also learn that there are opportunities for an internship within the university which are also worth exploring since these are usually paid opportunities that allow you to also gain experience on the job which once again is the most important reason to secure an internship while you are studying for your degree.

As an engineer in Oil and Gas Company, I have a lot of experience in mentoring new students from local university or well known university. Some of them have very good engineering background and smart analytical thinking. The experience in an oil and gas company as internship program will boost their career in the future.

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