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why employee need a career development? Maslow theory

Career for engineer

why do companies offer career development to their employees? the position or job title for the engineer can be divided into several levels, for example, a junior engineer, engineer, lead engineer until senior engineer. There is even the uppermost position, which is called the Subject expert matter (SME) or Advisor and sometimes also called the Consultant. The lowest position, the junior engineer has the lightest task with the smallest salary. The more upward, the greater the task or authority. of course salary is also getting bigger. this career division for engineer positions is in line with Maslow’s psychological theory. Where everyone always wants to develop and has a desire for self-actualization.

maslow need theory

A Humanistic psychologist named Abraham Maslow developed a theory of personality that is able to influence many scientific fields. Maslow developed a theory that has a high degree of practicality so that it is easy to understand. This theory is also called Maslow’s theory. This theory describes reality. The contents of this theory can be easily understood because it contains features of human experience or behavior that have been experienced but never included in words.

Maslow is a humanistic society where humanists do not believe that humans are stimulated by mechanical forces, conscious instincts (psychoanalysis), or habits (behaviorism). Humanists have a focus on potential. Humans have self-limits and potential to reach achievements at a certain level of effort or ability. Humans have the creativity to achieve awareness and wisdom. Maslow calls people who are at the highest level as “self-actualization people”.

The theory put forward by Maslow, namely the hierarchy theory of basic human needs is the basis of other scientific developments related to meeting basic human needs. Meeting basic needs is divided into a certain level that prioritizes human needs from the most basic. Next is the explanation about Maslow and his theory.

Abraham Harold Maslow (1908-1970) was an American and a psychologist. Maslow is a professor at Alliant International University, Brandeis University, Brooklyn College, New School for Social Research, and Columbia University. Maslow emphasized the importance of focusing on positive human qualities.

From a young age, Maslow believed that physical strength was the only strong character of a man that he trained his body by lifting weights and hoping to be a muscular and handsome person. But because his face is relaxed and looks like a nerd he can’t reach his wish.

Maslow is very concerned with the question “why not many people have self-actualization when their basic needs have been fulfilled?” Humanistic psychologists believe that everyone has a strong desire to realize their potential to reach the level of “self-actualization”. Maslow has formed a framework that provides a way for psychologists to add information. Maslow believes that leadership must not be intervened. This belief underlies his thinking.

Maslow died in 1970 due to a heart attack while jogging. Maslow is a pioneer in the psychological field. The term psychological humanistic is the new power that Maslow made for himself starting from how to understand the human mind.

Maslow’s Concept of Needs Theory

The concept of the initial human needs of Maslow originated from his observations of the behavior of monkeys. Based on these observations, Maslow concluded that some needs are preferred over other needs. For example, water is the main source of life for living things. Living things can survive hunger and not eating, but cannot survive from thirst and without water. This is what Maslow calls basic needs which are then arranged into a form of level of need. Maslow concludes that needs at the next level can be achieved if the needs at the lower level are reached.

According to Maslow, satisfying needs are driven by the power of motivation, namely deficiency growth, and motivation growth. Motivation deficiency is an effort made by humans to meet the shortcomings experienced. While the motivation for development is the motivation that grows from the basic self to achieve a self-goal based on its capacity to grow and develop. The capacity or ability of each person is different and is inherent.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow’s Needs Theory, namely the theory of the hierarchy of needs, contains basic human needs. Humans are positioned as weak and constantly developing beings, have the potential for achievement and are influenced by the environment to grow tall, straight and beautiful. The hierarchical theory of Maslow’s needs has five levels of basic needs. To achieve higher basic needs, humans do not need to meet previous levels.
Maslow’s basic needs are physiological needs, security needs, love needs, affection and ownership, esteem needs, and self-actualization needs. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is arranged in a triangle where the base has a wider area and cones upwards. The lowest level is the most basic need and continues to the second level and so on to the highest level at the top of the pyramid. here are 5 levels in the pyramid.

  • Physiological Needs
  • Security Needs
  • Love Needs, Honey, Ownership
  • Esteem needs
  • Self Actualization Needs

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