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popular job and profession in 2019-2020

What professions are now in demand

Of course, the choice of profession is an important stage in the life of every person, because work will not only feed you but also allow you to enjoy life. Repelling in their choice is from their own abilities and inclinations, and from market conditions. For example, at present there is an acute shortage of working specialties in the market, drivers, food sellers, cooks and owners of construction specialties can easily find a job; among highly qualified workers there is a demand for doctors, teachers, engineers, and accountants.

If you are the owner of the mentioned profession, then any labor exchange will select a vacancy for you, if you only choose your vocation, then you should familiarize yourself with the list of promising professions for the next 5 years.

IT specialist programmer job

List of popular professions:

Among the general list of the most needed professions 2015-2020. call:

  1.  IT specialists (programmers, database administration or server hardware specialists, web designers ). As the surrounding reality is increasingly filled with computers and information technologies, the demand for specialists with appropriate education will only grow.
  2. Engineers. Most large industrial enterprises have long been experiencing a shortage of engineering personnel, and, despite the fact that during a crisis it has a negative effect on the growth of production and the pace of construction, in the near future, the need for qualified engineers will grow. Engineer’s salary.
  3. Marketing Specialists. In a situation of economic instability, the glut of the market, falling consumer demand, many companies will be interested with a competent marketer who is able to promote a product or service and bring it to the final consumer.
  4. Representatives of social professions (teachers, doctors). If the subject of labor is directly related to basic human needs, then its relevance will always be high. Aging society and the environmental situation increases the demand for health workers, and the need for new knowledge will provide specialists in the field of education.
  5. Translator. Although knowledge of a foreign language will gradually become a necessary addition to most professions, the inevitable expansion of intercultural relations will lead to an increase in demand for specialists in the field of linguistics.

List of popular female professions 2020

In general, the modern sphere of labor offers ample opportunities for the implementation of individual abilities, regardless of age and gender. However, if you wish, you can also name the top 5 most popular women’s professions in 2020, among them:

  • Doctors
  • HR Specialists
  • Psychologists
  • Professionals in the field of trade and services
  • Educators.
stress tolerance popular job for woman
woman work in a Lab

All the professions listed above require a high level of stress tolerance, developed communication skills, and empathy, which makes them more suitable for the female part of the working population. In addition, many “female” professions provide such advantages as a free schedule and part-time employment, which simplifies the combination of professional and family responsibilities.

List of popular blue-collar jobs 2020

Knowledge of current trends in the social and economic spheres allows not only to list the top most sought-after professions but also to trace the overall shift in demand and supply in the Russian labor market. The Government’s policy in raising the prestige of working professions has already led to an increase in the number of applicants wishing to study at secondary specialized educational institutions. Among the most sought-after blueprints in the blue-collar occupations, they are called

  1. Professions related to construction ( Mason, mechanic, welder, turner, etc.) Already, a significant proportion of all vacancies in the labor market is associated with the professions of basic industrial specialties, and the inevitable increase in the rate of construction can multiply the demand for such specialists;
  2. Electrician for repair and maintenance of electrical equipment. With the advent of technology and the need for its repair and maintenance, and the development of information technology leads to the need for laying cables and installing the appropriate equipment;
  3. Installers (for example, installers of plastic windows);
  4. Technologists, especially in the field of chemical and food industry;
  5. Operators for working with various industrial equipment (for example, drillers or machinists)

Certainly, among specialists of working specialties, employees with professional experience are especially appreciated. It is for this reason that young professionals especially need to be sensitive to the development of important professional skills. Despite the wide opportunities provided by the modern labor market, the main thing for successful employment remains the desire to work.

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