how to ask salary increase

How to ask a salary increase?

What to say to the head to get a salary increase and not fly out of work.

According to my experience, all employee want to get a salary increase or job promotion. And some of them received an increase. Therefore, the easiest way to achieve a salary increase is to ask. But you need to act with the mind.

Choose a moment

In order for the operation to be successful, you need to contact the supervisor about the salary increase when several factors work:

  • The company has a resource for a salary increase: sales have not fallen, the budget has not been cut, funding “from the center” has come.
  • Recently, you have not had obvious failures. Otherwise, it will be difficult to explain why you should pay more.
  • the boss is not busy. In the case of a raid, he has to solve many questions at the same time, and your attempts to distract him will only make him angry.
  • The boss has a good mood. Of course, the ideal boss is always fair and impartial, but most of us are led by people, not robots.

how to get salary increase

Prepare arguments

Put yourself in the place of your boss and think about which arguments will play into your hands and which will worsen the situation. Successful arguments

1. You have more responsibilities.

You came to the company under certain conditions, but since then the load has increased. During the day you have time to work for yourself and a little for that guy, but your salary is not paid for two. Explain to the employer that thanks to you, he saves a salary at another working rate, so you deserve a raise. However, it is not worthwhile to become impudent: if you do not have a time machine, you will not be able to do the work for two in a qualitative manner, therefore no one will raise your salary twice. 20-30% is the amount you can count on.

2. Your colleagues in similar positions get more.

You work in the company for a long time and came to a certain salary. But the market did not stand still, and they initially offer more to newcomers in similar positions. Definitely, this is a reason to appeal to the leadership and restore justice. But you have to be honest with yourself. Perhaps new employees do a little more. Before speaking with the boss, it is worth mobilizing all the forces and become a truly valuable cadre.

3. You bring a tangible profit of the company

For any organization, your success rate is the amount of money you brought. Not every specialization allows you to influence the income of the company directly. Your task is to find the links between the commercial success of the company and your work and show them. Don’t be unfounded: numbers, graphs, and statistics work the most convincingly.

4. Are you ready to work more for an increased income?

With experience, you learned how to do basic work more quickly, and you have some free working time for new tasks. Ask your boss to expand your responsibilities and accompany this with a salary increase. Ask what you should do to get the right amount. The answer will make it clear whether, in principle, it is worth counting on a salary increase or it is better to direct energy to find new work.

If the manager is willing to consider options, this is a good signal. Show that you understand the processes that take place inside the firm, and you are not afraid of responsibility. Take the initiative, and you can expect to increase not only income but also positions.

learn at work

Controversial arguments

Theoretically, any of these arguments might work. But they are easy to wrap against you.

1. During your work, you have learned a lot.

At first glance, this phrase characterizes you positively, but there are nuances. For most specialties, continuous development is a must. You have to catch trends in the field, otherwise, you will simply be forced out of the market. The argument about new knowledge is more a reason not to cut you than raise a salary. To make this argument working, you need to jump over your head and add something to your piggy bank that shows your high motivation, and not just a logical growth in the profession.

2. If your salary increases, you will move mountains.

This is an attempt to enter into an agreement not supported by you because promises are just words. At the same time, according to the law, an employer, having raised a salary, cannot lower it back just like that. Not the most profitable deal for him. Going to the boss for a serious conversation, you need to roll the mountain and confirm it with evidence: reports, figures, facts. At a minimum, it is worthwhile to establish levers to crush the mountain. You are trying to sell your work more expensive, so show the buyer the goods as best as possible.

3. You have complex personal circumstances.

The employer must pay you the amount specified in the employment contract and comply with the provisions of the Labor Code or any regulation. And to think for you, like living with three children in one-on-one, is not necessary for him. And then, you have at least a studio apartment, and your colleague (perhaps no less talented) generally removes a corner in a communal flat. So, it will be difficult to prove why you need to pay extra for demographic exploits or a mortgage for half a life.

reason for salary increase

4. You have been working in the company for a very long time.

Your loyalty is commendable. But the manager may ask why you did not move up the career ladder but trampled on the same position. It is better to attach to the argument about the length of service what the company has done for you all these years and, most importantly, what you have done for it.

5. Either you are paid a salary, or you leave.

This is an all-in-one move, and it’s worth putting cards on the table only when you have an offer from another company or are you ready to go nowhere. If you are denied a pay rise, you will have to quit. Otherwise, you will be remembered as a blackmailer who lies and does not keep his word. By the way, a lot depends on how you build the conversation. If you put forward an ultimatum, it is likely that the boss will react negatively simply from principle. But try to talk to him as an ally, not as an enemy.

You love the company, see yourself in it and the benefits that could bring. But someone offered more money, and you have to leave – not at the call of your heart, but out of necessity. In this case, the chances of staying in a company with an increased salary are much greater.

Ask for a specific increase

Speak a specific number in percentage or the currency in which you are paid a salary. Of course, the calculation should be based on objective factors (amount of work, skills, and abilities), and not the amount that you lack complete happiness. For specifics in the requirements and statistics serves. To understand how much your work costs, study the relevant job opportunities. At the same time, add suitable offers to your “Favorites” in case of unsuccessful conversation with the boss.

Prepare for failure

Think over the path of retreat. If you are not impudent, do not raise your voice, do not threaten and do not blackmail the head, most likely, you can just return to the workplace. However, if there are no prospects for career growth and increase in income, it is probably time to look into the Favorites folder, where you saved the vacancies, and think about changing jobs.

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