salary for entry level mechanical engineer

Starting salary for engineers 2019 in Europe

how much engineer salary in Europe especially Germany? One of the most important questions – not just for new entrants – is how much money can I earn? In order to answer this question, we have subjected all current studies and salary databases to a meta-analysis. Because each investigation sets other priorities and also the number of interviewed employers and engineers differs greatly. Based on this data, we have also developed a salary calculator tool, which gives you a first orientation for your first salary negotiation. You can use it to calculate and compare your future engineering salary in terms of occupation, industry, company size and state. On average, young professionals in engineering earn € 45,500 gross a year. The engineering start-up salaries vary greatly depending on the industry, occupation and your university degree. On average, annual gross salaries for engineering graduates range between € 40,600 and € 49,200. Here[…]

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