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7 Keys to peace of mind

Peace of mind

Work in the field or in a cool room of an office can be stressful. A high salary is equal to hard work. A lot of targets, a lot of Scorecard and promises that need t to be fulfilled.  At some point, we need a break. Yes, we need a peace of mind. Actually not only 7 keys, but there are also lots of ways to find peace of mind. But here I will explain only 7 points that have big influences. This article actually comes from my friend quotes, and I share it to You. Because it’s good, I copied the quotes on a piece of used paper and I post here for all of You.

these are the 7 keys to the peace of mind. Some of them I add information so that the meaning contained in these words can be fully understood by friends:

1. Don’t depend on other people.

Depend on yourself and be independent. Don’t depend on parents, don’t just rely on the help of your closest friends. Only God is the only substance that you can depend on.

2. Don’t get worse thinking other people will talk/insult you.

Think positive, this might not solve ALL your problems. But this activity WILL drive away from the nature of hatred in you and then you can do something more useful.

3. Don’t always remember remorse in the past.

Therefore live your best. Life is an easy

MAKE A DECISION … and NEVER regret it.”

Take a positive lesson in every event that you are going through if you don’t find that positive lesson, change your perspective on this life until you find it.

4. Don’t save anger, revenge, jealousy, and hatred.

The recipe for calmness is never to save hatred. Revenge is like poison. He can master your life. Before you know it, revenge can turn you into an evil person. Preferably, if you feel your day is really hard, then believe that in every difficulty there is always ease.

5. Don’t get used to a rush. Therefore, manage your time.

The main and most important asset in life is not money, diamonds, gems or diamonds, but is TIME. Remember that the time machine never existed, we will not be able to buy time, turn time, or stop time. And for the sake of time, in fact, humans are at a great disadvantage if they cannot make the best of their time.

key peace of mind
let it be!

6. Never worry about tomorrow.

This is one of the keys to peace of heart and soul. Remember that God promises the future, and our hope will never disappear. Isn’t love, life and death in God’s hands?

He has written human destiny long before we were born. He knows what is best for us, so never regret what happened even though it hurts us. In the end, every human being will be created to pair with each other, so don’t ever worry about your love. Everything will be beautiful … in time. Believe me. Already many people have experienced it.

7.   the door will open.

Remember God, then He will remember you. Pray, your complaints will be heard. Ask for something sincerely, then He will give something more than what you ask. Believe me.

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