how to ask salary increase

How to ask a salary increase?

What to say to the head to get a salary increase and not fly out of work. According to my experience, all employee want to get a salary increase or job promotion. And some of them received an increase. Therefore, the easiest way to achieve a salary increase is to ask. But you need to act with the mind. Choose a moment In order for the operation to be successful, you need to contact the supervisor about the salary increase when several factors work: The company has a resource for a salary increase: sales have not fallen, the budget has not been cut, funding “from the center” has come. Recently, you have not had obvious failures. Otherwise, it will be difficult to explain why you should pay more. the boss is not busy. In the case of a raid, he has to solve many questions at the same time, and your attempts to distract him will only make him angry. The boss has a good mood. Of course, the ideal boss is always fair and impartial, but most of us are led by people, not robots. Prepare arguments Put yourself in the place of your boss and think about which[…]

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maslow need theory

popular job and profession in 2019-2020

What professions are now in demand Of course, the choice of profession is an important stage in the life of every person, because work will not only feed you but also allow you to enjoy life. Repelling in their choice is from their own abilities and inclinations, and from market conditions. For example, at present there is an acute shortage of working specialties in the market, drivers, food sellers, cooks and owners of construction specialties can easily find a job; among highly qualified workers there is a demand for doctors, teachers, engineers, and accountants. If you are the owner of the mentioned profession, then any labor exchange will select a vacancy for you, if you only choose your vocation, then you should familiarize yourself with the list of promising professions for the next 5 years. List of popular professions: Among the general list of the most needed professions 2015-2020. call:  IT specialists (programmers, database administration or server hardware specialists, web designers ). As the surrounding reality is increasingly filled with computers and information technologies, the demand for specialists with appropriate education will only grow. Engineers. Most large industrial enterprises have long been experiencing a shortage of engineering personnel, and, despite[…]

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chemical engineering job description

what is chemical engineering?

chemical Engineering is a building discipline that includes planning procedures to transport, and produce materials. chemical Engineering knows about material science, science, and math to plan these procedures. Presently, chemical Engineering of a wide scope of vocations, they can go into which is certainly an advantage of this major. So for one can go into biotechnology in the pharmaceutical business where you plan offices that utilization proteins and microorganisms to make new medications, organizations like Pfizer or Merck are instances of this. You could go into ecological designing applications in which they attempt to lessen the volume of contaminations that enter the air, conduits, and soil. Consider exhaust systems on our vehicles, which should be intended to limit the measure of destructive material that is discharged. Exhaust systems are basically two little concoction reactors, they expect to decrease the number of unsafe substances discharged by the vehicle. You could likewise go into semiconductors and gadgets which is, in reality, enormous for synthetic designers that heaps of individuals don’t understand. Consider organizations like IBM and Intel that plan and assembling microchips and other PC parts. You’d think these spots with for the most part higher electrical or PC designs however these[…]

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what is mechanical engineering

What is Mechanical Engineering? What Mechanical Engineers do?

mechanical engineering field The machines we experience each day much like motorcycle, climate control systems, iceboxes, PCs, and a lot more gadgets were made conceivable by a mechanical engineer. Practically every part of our life is moved by a mechanical engineer. It very well may be essentially put as a part of a building that includes the structure creation and activity of apparatus. It additionally happens to be one of the most seasoned and broadest of the designing orders. the mechanical engineer requires a comprehension of center territories, for example, mechanics, elements, thermodynamics, material science, and power. Notwithstanding these center standards, mechanical engineer use devices, for example, PC helped structure and item lifecycle the board to plan and break down assembling plants, modern hardware and apparatus, warming and cooling frameworks, Transport Systems, flying machine, watercraft, apply autonomy, medicinal gadgets, weapons and significantly more. History of mechanical engineering mechanical engineer rose as a field amid the Industrial Revolution in Europe in the eighteenth century. Be that as it may, its advancement can be followed back a few thousand years around the globe when the main wheels were put to reasonable use by mounting them on a pivot to make a truck.[…]

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