what is gas tungsten arc welding definition advantages and disadvantages

classification of welding processes & types of arc welding

classification of joining methods In an oil and gas plant, we can see a thousand pieces of equipment. A piece of mechanical equipment (pipeline, tank, pressure vessel) is a collection of several metal components which are joined together into one unit. The joining methods can broadly be classified into three categories by the joining mechanism: -mechanical joining by means of such mechanical methods as riveting and bolting, -adhesive bonding by using glues or plastics -welding by means of metallurgical bonding. Welding definition welding can be defined as “the operation that produces coalescence of two or more members by applying heats or pressure or both, with or without the use of filler metal.” Welding (Metallurgical joining) can further be classified by the joining mechanism into 4 groups : fusion welding consists of 5 categories: gas welding, arc welding, electroslag welding, thermite welding and high energy beam welding (electron beam welding &[…]

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