welding inspector job and responsiblity

responsibility of welding inspector in Oil and Gas Project

welding inspector jobs

In construction work at Oil and gas company, we often install equipment tanks, pressure vessels, and pipeline or piping. the work that we often find is welding. workers involved in welding are welding coordinators, welding engineers, welding supervisors, welding inspectors, welder, and NDT inspector. a welding inspector is responsible for ensuring or maintaining the quality of welds or Quality Control (QC) of a welding product in accordance with specified standards such as ASME, AWS, API or JWES.

The task of welding inspectors in the field is not limited to inspections, but they also sometimes have the task of making welding maps, making reports, carrying out NDT tests such as Test Tests, UT and MT (if they have the ability or certificate in accordance with the test). Some companies want a welding inspector to function as an NDT inspector to improve efficiency and competitiveness. If you are interested in becoming a Welding Inspector, then you must be able to study metallurgy, basic mathematics and be able to understand terms in the Code or standard engineering. Other knowledge that you must learn is knowledge of Materials, Consumable, Welding Process, Heat treatment, Inspection, Drawing, Reporting and communication skills.

The welding inspector is assigned to 3 stages, namely before welding, during the welding process and after the welding process. The following details the duties and responsibilities of a welding inspector.

The Welding Inspector jobs before the Welding Process:

Document Check (product details and image standards)
Checking the desired material is in accordance with the certificate and electrode
Checking Electrodes (may not be damaged and moist)
Preparation of equipment to be used in the welding process
Check the weld seam
Check connection with welded tie
Check the cleanliness of the connection
Re-check welding procedures and welder certificates
Check preheating temperature (if there is a preheating process)

welding inspector jobs

The Welding Inspector jobs during the Welding Process:

record the welding parameters (current, voltage, travel speed or speed) Must match WPS (Welding Procedure Specification)
Check the quality of each pass
Check the cleanliness of each pass

The Welding Inspector jobs after the Welding Process is Complete:

Visual Test (Dimensions, visual defects)
Mark the place and sample to be tested
Evaluate weld test results
Check the temperature of Post Weld Heat Treatment (if any)
Make work reports and documentation.

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