What is predictive maintenance in Oil and Gas Industry

Predictive Maintenance One of the mechanical engineers’ jobs is to perform maintenance functions at the plant. Engineers who are in charge of the maintenance department are usually referred to as Maintenance Engineers or Reliability Engineer. The meaning of Maintenance is any activity that aims to keep the equipment in the best condition. Activities in this department include testing, measurement, replacement, adjustment, and repair. in general, practitioners divide the type of maintenance into 3 types, namely Preventive Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance, Breakdown Maintenance, and Corrective Maintenance This time, we will discuss the definition of predictive maintenance. Predictive maintenance is predictive treatment. This prediction can be done by evaluating the indicators installed in the installation of a device. One of the predictive maintenance work on rotating equipment is vibration analysis, thermography, ultrasound and lube oil analysis. Data from the results of this predictive maintenance will be analyzed by the Maintenance engineer or Rotating engineer for recommendations for corrective actions. The essence of Predictive maintenance is to analyze an equipment condition from the behavior trend of the equipment and anticipate the failure of equipment before more severe damage occurs. This trend can be used to predict how long the equipment can operate “normally”. This[…]

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