GIS introduction, data management in oil and gas industry

GIS data management requirement

Today we have entered a modern era that relies a lot on the information system in every aspect of life with developing the technology is significant. This rapid development also occurred in scientific field of Geodesy & Geomatics, especially Geographic Information Systems (GIS) that has been applied in various fields during many years. GIS can rapidly grow like this for the support and implementation in other scientific fields. Geology & Geography (G & G) that uses GIS applications to support Exploration &  production activities of Coal Methane (Coalbed Methane / CBM) as Non-Conventional Hydrocarbons; especially in the processes of acquisition, processing, and presentation of information. Exploration & production activities of Non-Conventional Hydrocarbons including in the oil & gas industry with its characteristics are high risk-high return. That is, industry this has a high risk, requires large costs, and using the latest technology, but promising benefits big & worth it. Therefore, data management & information that used, must have a high level of accuracy & precision. Spatial analysis of GIS much help in solving problems that arise on oil and gas exploration & production activities.

GIS application in the oil and gas industry

GIS has become an important component of commercial and non-commercial activities. Appreciation and its application in the fields of education & industry already very wide. Especially in the oil and gas industry, GIS is used as the data management system to support operation and maintenance. Unfortunately, in some country, the application of GIS is still far from expectations due to limited competent human resources & regulations that have not provided more portion for the role of GIS itself. On the other hand, even though there have been many universities that have adopted GIS as their subjects, reference books, references, or literature related to GIS is still lacking.

GIS data management in oil and gas industry
GIS for data management in oil and gas industry

This is like an oasis in the middle of the desert for the people reference seekers in an effort to learn, develop, and implement GIS as a translation tool real world to finally become a model & information on working environment. Hopefully, information provided here can meet the needs of the people regarding the GIS reference article emphasize real concepts & applications, and provide benefits as much as possible to the world.

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