4 secrets to get promotion and high salary increase

mechanical engineering salary 2018
mechanical engineering salary 2018

how to get a salary increase?

It’s all about money. All employee want to get a high salary. How high you can get? Is a 10% salary increase enough for you? I’ll tell some “secrets” for you to get a high salary increase. It is not prohibited for an employee to get a salary increase, but it is not polite to ask a salary increase without good reason.

make a high business impact.

Business is to create money. Spend capital and get a return in your investment. It is very simple. If you are a “marketing or sales manager” then you need to sale your company’s product as much as possible. If you are a “Project manager” then you need to run a profitable project on schedule, lower cost and safe. If you are a “mechanical engineer” then you need to join a department that creates the highest value for your company and doesn’t join a department that creates the lowest value. Let say, a mechanical engineer should join a project team that built a new plant than built a house. So, choose your team and your work now.

consistent in high-performance

An employee may stay in the company for a long time. He should perform his job in high quality for all the years. The more consistent his work, the probability of getting a promotion increase. Please bear in your mind, the management is love to have a high-performance employee.

focus on your business delivery

each year, the company or your team will have a Milestone or Scorecard or Key Performance Indicator. This business deliverable will change every year. It is important for you to focus on your business deliverable.

Let the management acknowledge your success

the management is the decision maker. He has authority to promote you and increase your salary. please make sure that the management is understand and be informed about your high work performance. You can stay in touch with the management in non formal activity like sport or social event.



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