my first problem as junior mechanical engineer

I still remember when I graduated from Mechanical Engineering and directly facing the real world (petrochemical – oil and gas downstream) and nervous in the face of problems in the field that demanded the requirements of a mechanical engineer in understanding a problem quickly, and sometimes need ingenuity – the able to bridge between the theory of higher education and the world of work.

The longer working on the front line maintenance – in terms of troubleshooting – enriches us in understanding the problems of the next process. According to my opinion, troubleshooting problems in the field is often a simple matter, but sometimes it becomes complicated because it does not know where to go start it. This happens because of a failure to understand the problem. Failure will have an impact on the efficacy or not a given solution.
From the experience of troubleshooting, I find that almost all the problems, the reason is simple for young engineers or field workers, hopefully, can make this my experience as a passion for finish the job because it’s not complicated-very complicated.

The stories in this blog are meant as examples of cases that can be used as initial provisions, or enrich the perspective of a new field worker or mechanical duty. There are two things to keep in mind by an engineer who is in charge of troubleshooting. The first is patient because the dynamics of the process takes time. Do not expect in a short time you can solve the problem, except later after you mature, then this may be possible. Secondly, it’s almost impossible to troubleshoot just sitting behind your clean desk with engineering software on computer screens and handbooks. You have to go to the location, to the field, to discuss with the workers in the field.

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